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A variety of handmade bracelets have been made by our designers: semi precious gemstones with various metals, wire wrapped gemstone bracelets, wire cuff bracelets and wire bangle bracelets. Any of the beaded bracelet designs can be made with a different gemstone or a different metal, with an adjustment in price. Contact Us with your ideas or for more information 1-800-652-2600

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Handmade Green Aventurine Silver Bracelet
Handmade Green Aventurine Nugget Silver Bracelet
Enlarge Green Aventurine Bracelet

Green aventurine bracelet with sterling silver Bali beads and sterling silver toggle Length 9 inches but fits like 7-inch bracelet due to the large beads.

see matching
Aventurine Bali Silver Necklace

Yellow Turquoise

Chunky Yellow Turquoise Jade Silver Bracelet
Enlarge Chunky Yellow Turquoise Jade Silver Bracelet

Yellow turquoise nuggets, new jade beads, sterling silver beads 1 1/2 inch extender. Sterling silver lobster clasp.
Width 1/2 inch
Length 8 inches
Aventurine Nugget

Small aventurine nugget copper bracelet
Enlarge Green Aventurine
Copper Bracelet

Dainty green aventurine nugget bracelet with handcrafted copper links and clasp.
Length 7 1/2 inches
2n2 Link

Handmade Copper Chain Bracelet
Enlarge 2n2 Copper Bracelet

Handcrafted two links in two links to form copper bracelet, handmade copper toggle clasp.Allow for the extra length the toggle takes to close. Easily used as a charm bracelet
Width 1/4 inch
Length 8 inch
$ 15
Faux Turquoise

Faux Turquoise Beads on Handmade Copper Chain
Enlarge Faux Turquoise Copper Bracelet

Turquoise colored beads (dyed gemstone howlite looks like turquoise) suspended from handmade 2 in 2 link copper chain. Handmade copper toggle clasp
Width chain 6 mm
Length 7 3/4 inches
$ 15
Handcrafted Yellow Turquoise Jasper Bracelet
Handcrafted Yellow Turquoise Jasper New Jade Bracelet
Enlarge Handcrafted Yellow Turquoise Jasper Bracelet

Yellow turquoise, jasper, new jade beads, Sterling silver lobster clasp, 2 inch sterling silver extender
Length 8 inches
Mother Pearl
Copper Bracelet

Mother of Pearl Discs on Handmade Copper Chain Bracelet
Enlarge Handcrafted Mother Pearl Copper Chain Bracelet

18mm Mother of pearl coin beads suspended from a large handmade coppper chain (12 mm diameter links). Copper lobster clasp.
Length 8 1/2 inches
$ 12
Chain Maille

Handmade Copper Chain Maille Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Chain Maille Bracelet

Handmade pure copper chain maille bracelet
Width 8 mm
Length 8 inches
Green Aventurine
Nugget Bracelet

Handcrafted Green Aventurine Bead Nugget Bracelet
Enlarge Green Aventurine
Nugget Bead Bracelet

Aventurine nuggets separated by aventurine beads, sterling silver toggle clasp
Length 8 inches
Fancy Jasper

Delicate Copper Links with Fancy Jasper Gemstones
Enlarge Fancy Jasper Copper Bracelet

Handmade copper links separated by fancy jasper gemstones. Copper tone lobster clasp.
Width 7/8 inch
Length 9 inches
Copper Swirl

Handmade Copper Swirl Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Swirl Bracelet

Handmade delicate swirl copper links fastened with handmade hook.
Width 1/4 inch
Length 7 inch
$ 10
Copper Coil
Bead Bracelet

Handmade Copper Coil Beads Bracelet
Enlarge Handmade Copper Coil Bead Bracelet

Handcrafted copper coil beads with coiled jasper beads, turquoise bead accent fastened with handmade hook, 2 inch extension
Length 10 inches
Copper Link

Delicate handformed Copper Link Bracelet
Enlarge Delicate Handformed Copper Bracelet

6 delicate handformed copper links. Copper tone lobster clasp.
Width 1 inch
Length 8 1/4 inches
$ 15
Copper Bubble

Copper Handmade Chain Bracelet with Three Large Links
Enlarge Copper Bubble Bracelet

Unusual handmade copper chain with focal point of 12 mm copper circles, dangle of copper circle. Copper tone lobster clasp.
Width 3 mm
Length 7 1/2 inches
$ 15
Jasper Circle
Link Bracelet

Copper Circles with Jasper and Australian Jade centers fastened with copper lobster clasp
Enlarge Copper Jasper Circle Bracelet

Hammered Copper Circles with fancy jasper and Australian jade centers. Copper lobster clasp
Length 9 5/8 inch
Adjustable fastens at 8 1/2 inches
$ 20
Handmade Blue Moonstone Silver Bracelet
Handmade Handcrafted Argentium Silver Blue Moonstone Bracelet
Enlarge Blue Moonstone Bracelet

Blue moonstone suspended by handformed Argentium silver links, silver lobster clasp
Length 7 1/2 inches
PB 34

Realizing that you like to wear copper against your skin as an aid to relieving aches and pains, our designers have created a variety of attractive one of a kind copper bracelets. Any of the beaded bracelet designs can be created from copper, brass, silver, Argentium silver or gold filled wire with an adjustment in price.

Although many of the semi precious gemstones and silver beads are imported by our suppliers, our beaded bracelets are designed and made in the USA in North Carolina.

Select a handmade gemstone bead bracelet to match a gemstone beaded necklace,and beaded earrings to complete a unique handmade beaded jewelry set. These gemstone bracelets are one of a kind designs not found in land based stores. Give your ensemble pizazz with beaded bracelets or sterling silver bead bracelets.
Contact us for more information.

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