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Select a pair of unique handmade semiprecious gemstone beaded earrings. We welcome design suggestions and custom orders. Our designer is skilled in producing handmade gemstone earrings from your suggestions.
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Paua Shell Bali Silver Post Earrings
Black bead drop earrings with sterling silver caps and Bali silver beads on sterling ear wires
Enlarge Paua Shell Bali Silver Earrings
Paua Shell, Bali Silver beads, Sterling silver posts
2 inch drop
Width 3/4 inch
Jasper Donut
Copper Bead
Silver Earwires
Jasper Donut Copper Bead Center Argentium Silver Earwires
Enlarge Jasper Donut Copper Earrings
Jasper donuts center filled with copper bead, Argentium silver earwires
Diameter 1 inch
PE 106
see matching Jasper Necklace
Handmade Copper Chain Jasper Donut Necklace
Lapis Copper

Handmade Lapis Copper Chandelier Earrings
Enlarge Lapis Copper Chandelier Earrings
Delicate earrings, four 8mm round lapis beads suspended on handmade copper earwires, Sterling silver earwires available, no extra cost
2 3/4 inch drop
1 inch wide
$ 15
PE 83

Quartz Earrings
Enlarge Smoky Quartz Earrings
Lustrous shining oval smoky quartz beads on sterling silver ear wires.
Length 1 1/2 inches
see matching
Smoky Quartz Necklace


Faceted Garnets sterling silver hoop earrings
Enlarge Faceted Garnet Hoops
Faceted red garnets on 3/4-inch sterling silver or 14K gold filled hoops.
see matching
Hand Knotted Faceted Garnet Necklace

Faceted Onyx
Sterling Silver
Hoop Earrings

Faceted onyx beads on  
sterling silver hoops
Enlarge Faceted Onyx Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings
Faceted onyx beads, 2mm sterling silver beads
3/4-inch sterling silver hoops.
or 14K gold filled $18
see matching
Hand Knotted Obsidian Onyx Necklace

Blue Agate

Unique Blue Agate Ball Silver Earrings
Enlarge Blue Agate Silver Earrings
5mm blue agate bead, small Bali silver spacers Sterling silver ear wires. Suitable for a little girl
3/4 inch drop.
Red Coral Malachite Copper Earrings
Red Coral Malachite Copper Earrings on Argentium Silver Ear Wires

Enlarge Malachite Red Coral Earrings
Malachite red coral beads suspended from copper on Argentium silver ear wires.
Length 2 1/4inches
$ 20
PE 103
Bali Silver

Handmade Bali silver faceted black onyx earrings 
on handmade sterling silver ear wires.
Enlarge Bali Silver Onyx Earrings
Bali silver beads, petite faceted black onyx beads Handmade Sterling Silver ear wires.

Oval and rondel Kyanite beads on sterling silver ear wires
Enlarge kyanite Silver Earrings
Dreamy blue earrings, kyanite roundels and ovals, Bali beads, Sterling earwires.
1 1/2 inch drop.
Smoky Topaz
Copper Earrings

Handmade Caged Smoky Topaz Bead Copper Earrings
Enlarge Caged Smoky Topaz Copper Earrings
Delicate handmade copper rectangles, caged faceted smoky topaz beads, handmade copper earwires, Sterling silver earwires available, no extra cost
2 3/4 inch drop
Width 1 inch
$ 10
PE 84
Onyx Stud

Black Onyx Stud Earrings
Enlarge Black Onyx Stud Earrings
4mm black onyx beads, sterling silver posts, sterling silver nuts, and clear rubber nuts
Handcrafted Aquamarine kyanite earrings on sterling silver ear wires
Enlarge Aquamarine Kyanite Earrings
Aquamarine beads, faceted clear quartz, Sterling Silver Beads, Sterling Silver Earwires
1 7/8-inch drop.
Handcrafted Woven Copper Coral Earrings
Handcrafted Woven Copper Coral Earrings
Enlarge Handcrafted Woven Copper Coral Earrings
Red coral beads, handcrafted handwoven copper base, one of a kind earrings, Sterling Silver earwires available no extra cost
2 inch drop
1 1/4 inch wide
$ 15
PE 82
Bali Silver

Bali silver Jade Beads on sterling silver bead posts
Enlarge Bali Silver Jade Earrings
Light green jade beads & sterling silver Bali beads Sterling posts.
1-inch drop.
see matching
Hand Knotted Green Jade Necklace

Bali Silver

Malachite Bali Silver Earrings
Enlarge Malachite Bali Silver Earrings
Handmade Argentium silver earwires, ornate Bali silver beads
Length 1inch
Width 1/4 inch
see matching
Malachite Flower Bali Silver Necklace


Black bead drop earrings with sterling silver caps and Bali silver beads on sterling ear wires
Enlarge Blackbead Silver Earrings
Black beads, sterling silver caps, Silver Bali beads, Sterling silver posts, Sterling Silver ear nuts
1 inch drop.
see matching
Yellow Turquoise Silver Necklace

14K Gold Filled
Garnet Hoops
Small 14K gold filled garnet bead hoop earrings
Enlarge Gold Filled Garnet Hoops
Petit 14K Gold Filled Garnet Hoop Earri ngs
Diameter 1 inch
PE 102
see matching Garnet Necklace
Handmade Faceted Garnet Necklace

Some individuals cause copper to tarnish very quickly when worn against the skin, even more quickly in hot humid weather. Sterling silver ear wires on copper or brass earrings may be requested without any price change. We will make this alteration at your request to prevent discoloring ear lobes.

Highlight your face with unique handmade semi precious gemstone beaded earrings. If you see a design that you would like handmade with another gemstone, another metal, or have an idea for a beaded gemstone earring or gemstone necklace to coordinate with your wardrobe, send us your request or idea. We will return a price quote.

Browse our handmade semiprecious gemstone bead necklaces and other handmade jewelry items to assemble a set. Our designer will custom make gemstone bracelets and beaded necklaces to match any handmade gemstone beaded earring. We can handcraft gemstone earrings on lever backs, posts or earwires according to your preference. The warm color of brass jewelry is very attractive and much less expensive than silver or gold filled. Gold, gold filled, brass, Argentium silver or copper can accompany gemstones instead of sterling silver. Request a price quote for these changes.

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