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We take pride in introducing these unusual handmade pendants from semi precious gemstone cabochons and semi precious gemstone donuts. Please contact us with questions or custom orders. For more information contact us or call 1-800-652-2600. To view the detail and the quality of workmanship, click on the gemstone pendant picture. Click on back arrow to return to Handmade Gemstone Cabochon and Donut Pendants.

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Blue Agate Cabochon Pendant
Handmade handcrafted gemstone blue agate cabochon pendant, silver wrapped
Enlarge Blue Agate Cabochon Pendant

Brilliant blue agate cabochon wrapped in sterling silver.
Size 30mm x 40mm
Green Aventurine Donut Pendant
Handmade handcrafted Gemstone Green aventurine donut pendant silver wrapped
Enlarge Green Aventurine Donut Pendant

Green aventurine donut
wrapped in sterling silver
Size 30mm
Jasper Donut

Handmade handcrafted gemstone donut pendant-jasper, silver.
Enlarge Jasper Donut Pendant

Jasper donut wrapped in sterling silver.
Size 30mm
Rose Quartz Cabochon Pendant
Handmade gemstone cabochon pendant-silver wrapped pink quartz cabochon
Enlarge Rose Quartz Cabochon Pendant
Rose quartz cabochon wrapped in sterling silver.
Size 30mm x 40mm
Blue Paua
Shell Cabochon

Handcrafted Gemstone Silver cabochon pendant-silver wrapped blue paua shell cabochon
Enlarge Blue Paua Shell Cabochon Pendant

Iridescent blue paua shell cabochon wrapped in sterling silver.
Size 30mm x 40mm
Silver Medallion
Peridot Amethyst
Pearl Pendant

Round Filegree Silver Medallion Gemstone 
Pendant with Peridot, Amethyst, & Pearl Drops
Enlarge Silver Medallion Peridot Amethyst Pearl Pendant

Delicate Filegree Silver Medallion with peridot, amethyst and pearl drops. Handmade twisted silver bail. Attractive with a neck wire or a chain. Contact us to make this pendant with your favorite combination of gemstones.
length 3 1/4inches
width 7/8 inches
Oval Silver Peridot
Amethytst & Pearl
Drops Pendant

Oval Silver Gemstone pendant with peridot, amethyst, & pearl drops
Enlarge Oval Pendant-Silver, Peridot, Amethytst & Pearl Drops

Dainty filegree silver oval with drops of peridot, amethyst, & pearl accented with petite Bali silver caps. Stunning on a neck wire or a chain. Contact us to make this pendant with your favorite combination of gemstones.
length 3 inches
width 1 1/4 inches

Matching beaded gemstone earrings and gemstone necklaces are available to match any handmade gemstone cabochon pendant or gemstone donut pendant. We welcome design suggestions & custom orders.

We can wire wrap a cabochon of any size stone or color you wish. Different stones have varying prices according to how rare the stone is. Stones measuring 30mmx40mm measure 1 3/16 inch x 1 5/8 inch.

It is always an adventure to handcraft pendants from gemstone cabochons or donuts to see the interaction of the silver or other metals with the colors of the gemstones and how olors are highlighted in surrounding gemstones. You will be surprised by the play of colors that are evident in the stones placed next to your costume color.
All pendants can be made with gold filled,copper, or brass wire rather than silver. Contact us via email or call 1-828-652-2600 about prices for metal or gemstone changes.

Gemstone cabochon pendants and gemstone donut pendants can be worn with a neck wire, chain, or a complimentary or matching gemstone necklace.

A gemstone pendant or donut on a neck wire gives the effect of a choker while chains or gemstone necklaces for gemstone pendants can be fashioned at your most flattering length.

Be unusual with handmade gemstone pendants-never two exactly alike. Handmade pendants are eyecatching and accent any costume. Handcrafted gemstone cabochon pendants and handcrafted gemstone donut pendants are jewelry that will transform you. It is gratifying to know you will have a unique semi-precious pendant not duplicated in land based stores

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