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Copper 2 N 2 Chain Necklace
Copper Two in Two Link Chain Necklace
Enlarge Copper 2 in 2 Link Necklace

Naturally aged copper chain. Wear alone or with a pendant
Length 24in.
Width 1/4 in.
$ 35
PN 80
Copper Links

Copper Links Necklace
Enlarge Copper Links Necklace

Natural color, can be aged or keep bright by polishing after each wearing
Length 24 in.
Width 1/4 to 1/2 in.
$ 35
PN 82
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Copper Bubble Earrings
Copper Chain Charm Necklace
Copper Charm Chain Necklace
Enlarge Copper Charm Chain Necklace

Natural color, can be aged if you prefer
Length 19 in.
Width 1/4 to 5/8 in.
$ 35
PN 81
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Copper Swirl Earrings
Handmade Egyptian Coil Necklace
Copper Egyptian Coil Necklace
Enlarge Copper Egyptian Coil Necklace

Handformed antiqued copper swirls. Almost invisible hook fastener.
Length 22 1/2 in.
Width 3/4 in.
PN 79
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Copper Swirl Earrings
Handmade Copper One Wire Braid Neckwire
Handmade Copper One wire Braid Neckwire
Enlarge Copper One Wire Braid Neckwire
Handbraided copper wire, handmade clasp Can be made any size
Length 17 1/2 inches
Width 3/8 inch Diameter 3/8 inch
$ 18
Hand Braided Two Wire Copper Neckwire"
Hand Braided Two Wire Copper Neckwire
Enlarge Copper Two Wire Neckwire

Two copper wires hand braided to form neckwire. Can be made any size
Length 19 inches
Width 1/4 inch Diameter 5-5 1/2 inches
$ 20
Handmade Copper Chain Jasper Donut Necklace
Handmade Copper Chain Jasper Donut Necklace
Enlarge Jasper Copper NeckLACE
Handmade copper chain jasper donuts handmade clasp Can be made any size
Length inches
Width of Donut inch
$ 25
see matching earrings
Copper Jasper Donut Earrings

These handmade chain or metal necklaces are unique designs. The necklaces can be handcrafted in any metal to make a jewelry collection that will transform your appearance. Copper can be aged, antiqued or left its natural color. However copper ages or darkens naturally if not kept polished. The chemical composition of an individual's body may make the copper darken very quickly requiring frequent polishing. We prefer not to apply a lacquer to prevent darkening since the lacquer will come off unevenly with wear. The chain or necklace will then be spotted and very unattractive.

Browse our handmade bangle bracelets or handmade and wire wrapped cuff bracelets as well as unique handmade metal earrings to select your individual handmade jewelry set. We want to frame your face with eye catching jewelry to make your appearance remarkable and memorable.

If you need a handmade chain or necklace for a special occasion as a wedding, prom, anniversary, or birthday send us your request or idea. We will return a price quote. Gold filled or Argentium silver findings can be used instead of sterling silver, brass or copper. We love design suggestions and custom orders. Request a price quote or call 1-800-652-2600 for these changes.

We want you to have as much pleasure and pride wearing your choice of handmade jewelry as we did creating it.

All our handmade necklaces are made in the USA.

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