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Choose from a variety of handmade handcrafted bangle bracelets.These bangles were inspired by designs of other artists studied in my quest to expand and develop knowledge and skills to make handmade wire wrapped jewelry.
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Wire Wrapped Brass Bangle Bracelet
Wire Wrapped Brass 
Bangle Bracelet
Enlarge Brass Bangle

1/2 inch wide. Fits wrist measuring 6 1/2 to 7 inches around over the wrist bone. Handmade brass wire hook. Brass color gives the warm effect of gold at less expense.
Inspired by Dale Armstrong
Copper Wire
Wrapped Bangle

Handmade Handcrafted Copper Wire Wrapped Bangle Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Wire Wrapped Bangle

Large copper bangle, fits large wrist, goes easily over large hand, aged to bring out highlights of design
Diameter 3 3/8 in
Width 1/2 in
$ 30
PB 16
Copper Pipe
Bangle Bracelet

Handmade handcrafted Copper Bangle Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Pipe Bangle

Handmade copper bangle with three swirls on top
2 1/2 inches
9 inches
Width 1/2 inch
$ 30
PB 15
Inspired by Sharilyn Miller
Copper Swirl
Bangle Bracelet

Handmade Copper Bangle Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Swirl Bangle Bracelet

Handmade copper bangle bracelet
2 1/4 inches
8 inches
Width 1/4 inch
$ 35
Copper Rose
Bead Bangle

Handmade Rose Bead Copper Bangle
Enlarge Rose Bead Copper Bangle

Copper wire entertwined by hand around 6mm rose quartz beads. Handmade hook.
Circumference 6 1/2 in.
Diameter 2 1/4 in.
Handmade Copper
Braid Bangle
Handmade Copper Braid Bracelet Enlarge Handmade Braid Bangle

Two wire braided copper bangle.
Length 7 3/4 in.
Diameter 2 1/4 in.
For small wrist
PB 1
Handmade Copper Celtic Knot Bracelet
Handmade Copper Celtic Knot Bracelet
Enlarge Celtic Knot Bracelet

Antiqued handmade celtic knots separated with coil beads. Handmade hook.
Length 8 1/2 in.
Width 1/2 in.
Copper Coral
Bead Bracelet
Handmade Copper Coral Bead Bracelet
Enlarge Copper Coral Bead Bangle

Delicate bangle made by copper braided with red coral beads. Fits large wrist
Circumference 8in.
Diameter 2 1/2 in.
Copper Wire Braided Bangle Copper Three Wire Braided Bangle
Enlarge Copper Wire Braided Bangle

Three copper wires braided with handmade closure to form a delicate bangle
Circumference 8 1/2 in.
Diameter 2 1/2in.
$ 25

These handmade bangle bracelets are are available made with copper, brass, sterling silver, Argentium silver or 14K gold filled wire. You have the option of selecting the metal you would prefer with prices adjusted according to the metal chosen.

Measure your wrist just above the wrist bone to determine the length needed to go around your wrist. The bangles may be slipped over your hand or each bangle has a clasp that can be opened.

Our designer has used a variety of semiprecious gemstone beads combined with a variety of metal wires or metals alone- to create unique unusual bangle bracelets. You might prefer a plain classic bangle enjoying the beauty of the wire design. Since wire prices fluctuate,the prices of the finished bangles will vary with the type of metal used and any design changes requested.

Select a handmade gemstone bead necklace and a pair of gemstone bead earrings to make a unique handmade jewelry set with a handmade wire bangle bracelet. Add one of these unique handmade bangle bracelets to your handmade jewelry collection.

All bangle bracelets were designed and created in the USA.

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