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Gemstone Bead Jewelry started as a family venture between Peggy, Elizabeth (daughter-in-law) and Frances (Elizabeth's Mother). We did not envision the time and complexity that would be involved with an online jewelry business. We had much to learn about photography and photographing our unique designs, exposing our work to the world through a website, and expanding our knowledge of handmade gemstone beaded jewelry . All our designers are family. Although We all enjoyed creating jewelry pieces, Elizabeth and Frances do not enjoy pursuing the other facets of the business. We all have had life long interests in a variety of endeavors to produce handcafted projects in many mediums. Some of our interests have been and are:health & physical fitness instructor, studying and collecting antiques, upholstering furniture, gardening, making organic skin care products, production of sustainably harvested & environmentally friendly wood floors, and practicing new techniques for healthy food preparation. The following are some of our past/present occupations:teachers (elementary, special needs, high school, home economics), physical fitness (Pilates) instructor, dietary consultant, food service director, horticulture-nursery owner, real estate agent, pathologist, and our most important jobs-wives, mothers, and grandmothers.

Living in the Piedmont and/or mountains of North Carolina gives us the privilege of being one to two hours from the mountains or five to six hours from the seacoast, the best of all locations for living, relaxing or vacationing. Examples of the beauty of our surroundings are seen in the pictures on this page. The area has many skilled artisans and a rich heritage and reputation among travelers for the production of skillfully made handcrafted items.

Azaleas-Spring in the Piedmont
Azaleas in the spring in the Piedmont North Carolina
Gerber daisies at the beach
Gerber daisies at the seashore
Hybrid rhododendron in mountains
Hybrid Rhododendron in the mountains

The major portion of web site development and jewelry production is done by me, Peggy. After my retirement and the necessity to pursue less rigorous physical activities, I have become enthralled (husband says adicted) with designing and making jewelry as well as learning how to program, design, and improve the web site to share my creations with the world. Since the business had limited resources, it has been a constant learning process with programming languages, web design, and photography to effectively display the jewelry designs via the internet. As my knowledge and skills in producing handmade jewelry have grown, I have becomed engrossed in expanding my skills to combining wire wrapping with semiprecious gemstone beads in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, watches and pendants. Handmade handcrafted jewelry production is a fascinating never ending study. The knowledge of gemstones is in itself another area to study. There is something to be learned from each article or book you read. There are a multitude of websites sharing their knowledge and skillful tricks. I have found that there are gems of knowledge to be found in each jewelry book even though some of the material may be repetious. My jewelry book library is growing. I frequently get so engrossed in reading, studying, and designing that I don't get around to my housekeeping responsibilities.

Our other two members, having many and varied interests, are not concentrating on jewelry making at this time. Elizabeth, our younger member is involved in other endeavors. Frances is involved and skillful with upholstering furniture using leather and fabulous fabrics.

Jewelry making has become an intriguing, fascinating, consuming passion for me. My jewelry designs are original and unique. As an evolving perfectionists, I strive to make classic handmade beaded gemstone jewelry worthy to keep for an heirloom. Each piece of my jewelry is meticulously handmade with care and attention given to detail as if I were going to wear and keep it for myself. Some designs are reminencent of past years. I love the challenge of drawing on the years of my experiences to develop new designs and look forward to supplying your unique needs for handmade gemstone beaded jewelry.

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