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Considerations When Making Or Purchasing Copper Jewelry
With current increases and fluctuations in the metal market, we have been working with copper fashioning and constructing gemstone bead necklaces, copper earrings, and copper gemstone bracelets. Copper jewelry tarnishes very quickly on some individuals. Information on the internet suggested that soaking copper jewelry in tomato juice would brighten it again.

How to Begin a Jewelry Collection - Selecting Earrings
The selection of flattering earrings is influenced by many factors - cost, gemstone and metal color, face shape, body scale and occasions to be worn. Understanding these factors will make your earring selections to be worn for many years and give you a unique appearance.

How To Make a Jewelry Jig-Example Earwire Jig
Jigs are very easy to make, if you have wood, a saw and a drill. Jigs make duplicating a wire design very easy. I prefer the home made variety jig since the pegs are stationery and do not wobble when bending the wire.

How to Make a Hand Tool Holder For Jewelry Tools
When making handmade jewelry, many tools are needed. A holder for jewelry tools-pliers, small cutters, pin vises, crimpers, files, saw blades and marking pens- will make your work bench much neater, prevent having to rummage through a drawer or container, and assist you to quickly find the right tool for the job at hand.

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